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Gaze into the Past

Recognising past events and how they shape one’s life in many ways is key to understanding individuals. “In Retrospect…” allows you to view the events and life choices that formed our Contributors’ unique points of view; whilst “If I Could Be One Thing…” also gives a look at the occupations and opportunities they may have foregone to become the entertainers they are today.

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Questions and Answers

Avoid the sensationalism of the media and get the real questions answered directly by our Contributors. Get interactive with us also by using our social media pages to submit your questions and get the answers you desperately seek from our Contributors.

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Points of Passion

Working out what makes our Contributors tick is one of the fascinating elements that our site provides. Find out who are/were your favourite entertainers’ idols and mentors in Real Recognise Real. Discover also the topics and stories they are passionate about in Hot Takes, which are bound to reveal some strong, bold opinions.

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Who’s Got Next?

Our team engage with enthusiastic, hardworking individuals in Supporting Artistes to learn about their journey towards achieving their dream- a successful professional career in the entertainment industry. Find out the steps taken to propel them on this journey and some of the struggles they hope to overcome.

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