Growing Up For The Runway

Saying someone is born to do something has, in a sense, lost its appeal. It’s probably become a statement of hyperbole in most contexts currently. Considering how often it is used nowadays, it’s arguable that such an assertion has become slightly diluted as people tend to use the “Born to do this,” tagline quite often; similarly, the word “great” in a sporting context in my opinion, has fallen from grace.

It feels like every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane are bloviating experts and philosophers with expertise in the areas they claim proficiency in; sometimes true, often times…not. This social media era, has given people quite the voice, bolstered with the confidence of the social ‘façade’ and justified by persons being noticed/popularised for anything said, whether factual or outlandish. The self-proclaimed born to do-ers are increasingly ever-present, with their basic qualifications generally equating to having access to an internet enabled device and quick fingers to type thoughts on screen, then released into the digital ether. Actual qualifications or experience in journalism, sports, science, politics or performance are so passé; being able to talk or “report” about it entertainingly, is now where it’s at!